Volkswagen Connect data plug.

Volkswagen Connect data plug. All your car's important information. All in one place.

Volkswagen Connect is the easy way to connect your Volkswagen to your smartphone. It relays everything you need to know, from service information and fuel consumption, parking location and top tips on driving more economically.


This feature shows detailed map views, trip details, statistics, and the cost of each trip. You can categorise all trips into either business or private, and all of this can be downloaded to your desktop.

Driving style

This feature can save you money, analyzing and evaluating all the elements of the engine and braking performance, conbined with your driving style to give you tips on how to be even more efficient.

Parking space

The app automatically remembers where you've parked. And while you're away from the car, it'll show you how long you've been parked for.

Fuel monitor

Everything you need to know about your vehicle's fuel consumption and costs. It even tracks your fuel stops, especially useful if you're a business traveller.

Service partner

Wherever you are, you can see exactly where your nearby retailers are and be navigated to the nearest one. And if you need to call them, it will put you straight through.

Assistance call

Just press and call Volkswagen's 24-hour helpline where you'll be put straight through to customer service. And if you're not sure where you are, dont worry, it transmits your location directly to them.

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