Free bulb replacement for all our customers

Free bulb replacement for all our customers It is vitally important that all the bulbs are in working order. As part of our Service Promise there is no charge to fit, you only pay for the bulb that has been replaced. We stock a range of bulbs from head light bulbs to number plate bulbs.

Benefits of having your bulbs replaced

1.  Maintains best possible vision in the dark and poor light conditions such as fog

2.  Increases your visibility and signals your driving intentions to other drivers

3.  We promise to fit exterior bulbs bought from us free of charge

Why do my bulbs need to be changed?

Bulbs need changing when they become defective. It's important you check all your lights regularly to ensure road safety. You could be stopped by police if your lights and indicators are not working correctly.

What happens if they are not checked?

If a headlight is out, you won't be able to see the road ahead properly. If a brake light is out the person following you may not stop in time. You could also be stopped by the police and issued with a fixed penalty or vehicle defect rectification notice.

What do we do?

We'll check all your bulbs to ensure they're working correctly, free of charge. We'll tell you if any need replacing and usually we replace them free, as part of our Service Promise. We'll give competitive quotes for other types of bulbs, such as LED or Xenon lights.

How often do they need to be changed?

Replace when faulty.

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