Air Conditioning offers

Your air conditioning system can lose up to 10% of its gas each year, keeping your system maintained means it will keep you cool and refreshed.

If your vehicle's air conditioning isn't maintained properly, it can cause more harm than good. Our full Air Conditioning Service can improve the efficiency of your air con system, ensuring you stay cool even in the warmest of summers. When you bring your Nissan to us, our trained technicians will use only Genuine Nissan replacement parts to complete the service. The Air Conditioning Service includes:

  • A recharge of the air conditioning gas
  • Replacement of compressor oil
  • Antibacterial disinfectant
  • Replacement of the pollen filter

Benefits of having your air con serviced

1.  Keeps you fresh, alert and safer

2.  Maintains the mechanical integrity of the system

What happens if it's not serviced?

The system will continue to lose gas, become less efficient and lead to increased fuel consumption. It will eventually fail and need replacement parts.

For models registered before 2014 and using R134a gas*, costs are as follows:

  • £49.95 - basic air conditioning service when booked in at the same time as a vehicle service
  • £59.95 - basic air conditioning service at any time

For models registered from 2014 and using R1234yf gas*:

  • £69.95 - basic air conditioning service, with up to 100g gas top up
  • £165.00 - full air conditioning service, including filter, anti bacterial treatment & dye, with no limit on gas used

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