Volkswagen to Introduce New I.D. Neo

Added: 31 August 2018

Volkswagen are set to introduce their first all-electric car in 2019 with the name ‘I.D. Neo’ being touted as the frontrunner for the model’s name.

Volkswagen have previously indicated that the electric sub-section of their range will sit under a different brand name called ‘I.D.’ with the introduction of the I.D. Buzz minibus at last year’s Pebble Beach, and the I.D. Vizzion debuted earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. The revelation of ‘Neo’ comes as Michael Jost, Volkswagen’s Head of Strategy, mentioned the name at The Digital Transformation of Volkswagen conference in Berlin.  Although there is no official word on the electric hatch’s name, this latest revelation adds to the fact that Volkswagen trademarked the I.D nameplate earlier this year, to paint a picture of their future model naming structure.

The production version of the electric hatchback, which was first shown in concept form at last year’s Paris Motor Show, will be revealed next year with deliveries expected in showrooms by early 2020.

Volkswagen I.D. Neo Exterior

The new I.D. range will be based on Volkswagen’s pioneering new MEB platform which is expected to be introduced with a range of up to four battery capacities. Volkswagen have claimed the introductory model will cost the same as a high spec Golf, and will come equipped with a battery that should give it a range of up to 300 miles, while models higher up the range could even boast a 450 mile range.

The I.D. hatchback is expected to feature a longer bonnet than the previous images had suggested to fall in line with pedestrian impact protection rules.  Although the I.D. hatch is expected to be a similar length to the brand new Volkswagen Golf due next year, it is likely to offer a similar interior space to that of the Passat thanks to the layout of the electric motor and battery.

Other style tweaks from the original concept will see the I.D. hatch scrap all plans for the new revolutionary door design and instead will feature more traditional openings.  It’s also been confirmed that all models will also boast the stylish glossy black roof and tailgate as standard.

Volkswagen I.D. Neo Interior

Volkswagen were hoping to kit out their first fully electric car with a host of automatic technology and they have managed to achieve this.  There will be advanced sensors fitted across the front bumper and number plate, with further cameras and sensors down both sides.

The car could also Volkswagen develop a new heads-up display seen on the concept car that will see navigation instructions projected on to the front windscreen, and detailed signage of which streets you should turn down.

We look forward to hearing more on the ‘I.D Neo’ as it looks set to become a pioneering model for the future of Volkswagen. With an official unveil date set for 2019, there will undoubtedly be many more exciting revelations announced in the build up!

Meta Text Volkswagen are set to introduce their first all-electric car in 2019 with the name ‘I.D. Neo’ being touted as the frontrunner for the model’s name.

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