Suzuki Jimny 2019 Review

Added: 15 January 2019

Nobody asked for a retro-style 4x4 for 2019, but Japanese automaker, Suzuki, decided to give the world one anyway in the form of the Jimny. The Jimny is one of those cars that only comes along once every ten years or so which has something so new and different that people can’t help but fall in love with it. It’s a bit like the Nissan Qashqai which introduced us to the idea of “crossover” vehicles back in 2007 - a new concept at the time.

The 2019 Jimny is indeed an unusual-looking car. But Suzuki has made a habit of creating strange, yet alluring vehicles over the years. The squared-off appearance is not something that we often see from modern 4x4s, which have eschewed the old design elements for sleeker and more aerodynamic lines. The Jimny, with its prominent, black grille, circular headlights, and black-out wheels, looks like it would be at home on Safari on the Savannas of Africa.

The only thing that tells you that this is a car made in 2019 - besides the electronics under the hood - is the bright paint job. Other than that, this car gives a unique retro feel, one that will attract many buyers.

The Interior

Suzuki has done all it can to keep the interior theme consistent with the outward looks of the car. The Suzuki car parts on the interior are chunky and in-your-face, with giant knobs and dials gracing the dashboard, including a touchscreen.

And then there’s the centre console. It features a series of giant controls, all rounded off with a short, old-style gear lever at the bottom.

The Jimny is a car that Suzuki wanted people to put through its paces. There’s no fancy trim on the interior, just robust black plastic and no-frills flooring. There’s tons of space in the back for Suzuki accessories, with the company claiming more than 830 litres of trunk volume.

Off-Road Potential?

The Jimny might have the looks of a Land Rover Defender, but does it have the same performance as its spiritual predecessor off-road?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes. Although this car is modern, it relies on old-school technology, such as the ladder frame under the chassis, similar to that used by Land Rover to cope with all but the most demanding off-road situations. Given the unflattering ride, the Jimny is a rare breed in 2019: a 4x4 that’s more suited to actual off-road excursions that the school run (though let’s not forget that today’s regular 4x4s are still supremely capable in that department).

Suzuki also paired the Jimny with a low-ratio gearbox for off-road situations. The gearbox makes the gears much closer together, giving drivers much more control when trying to navigate muddy tracks or heave the rear wheels over logs.

With a top speed of 90 mph and all-wheel drivetrain coming in under £18,000, the Jimny is undoubtedly a rare breed.

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Meta Text Nobody asked for a retro-style 4x4 for 2019, but Japanese automaker, Suzuki, decided to give the world one anyway in the form of the Jimny.

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