How Long to Charge Nissan Leaf?

Added: 07 November 2018

Thinking about getting a Nissan Leaf? A true electric revolution, the Nissan Leaf has a powerful battery that allows a rapid charging time buyers love. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere trying to charge up your electric car, and Nissan knows this. With the Leaf, your car will be back up and running in no more than minutes. So, let’s look at some of the features of the Nissan Leaf charging system and why it could be enough to make you finally purchase a new electric vehicle.

60% in 60 minutes

This is perhaps the most important statistic that you need to keep in mind. When you’re out with your vehicle, a 50KW charging station will get you back up from 20% battery to 80% in just one hour. That’s staggeringly fast and beats most other competitors on the market. It also means that if you do use up most of your charge, then you won’t have to worry about waiting around for too long. You can get back on the road where you want to be.

How Far Will It Take You?

On a full battery the Nissan Leaf will take you 168 miles. That means it’s not just a car for the city. You can take this electric vehicle on a trip outside of town and depending on the distance, get back on the same charge. You won’t have to worry about charging up the car away from your home. You can take it out in the morning, bring it back in the evening and still have plenty of charge in the battery. The new Nissan Leaf has a significantly larger battery capacity than previous models, ensuring it will keep you on the road for a lot longer.

With a 40 kWh-capacity battery, you’ll find that this vehicle is both efficient and effective on the roads. Better still, you don’t need excessive charging to ensure your car runs. Worried about how long this battery will last? Don’t be, it has a coverage for eight years or 100,000 miles!

More Miles On The Same Battery

The Nissan Leaf provides two modes that can make that battery charge last longer than before. These are the B Mode and the Eco Mode. Both limit output while saving energy. It does this by changing the way the car brakes to ensure the least amount of power is used, keeping you on the road for a lot longer.

A Full Charge In Under Eight Hours

If your battery is truly dead with no charge left at all, it will still only take 7.5 hours to fill it up again. That means that you can charge it at home while you sleep. Or, if you are out on the road, you’ll be able to stop off at over 4,600 rapid charging points across Europe. As such, you’ll never have to wait that long to get back to driving with your new electric dream.

We hope this helps you decide whether the new Nissan Leaf can match your needs, to find out more contact us today.

Meta Text You don’t want to be stuck somewhere trying to charge up your electric car, and Nissan knows this.

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