The All-New Electric Nissan SUV

Added: 16 May 2018

At this year’s Toyko Motor Show, Nissan revealed there latest iconic concept model – the IMx Kuro SUV!

New Innovation

Nissan have aimed for this concept SUV to be ready and released by 2020, when they deem they will introduce a new icon of the electric brand.

The new electric SUV promises to allow its drivers a range of a 373 mile radius between charging, whilst utilising a four wheel drive, 429bhp and 70Nm torque.

Nissan IMx Kuro Concept

Future Of Nissan

This new and forward-thinking SUV, alongside the concept Leaf Nismo, is said to represent the future of Nissan with its Intelligent Mobility, which the brand hope to integrate into their fleet and society in the near future.

These key features include Nissan ProPILOT which acts as a key assistant to the drivers of the vehicle, in order to allow the SUV to drive autonomously. This means that the technology Nissan are advancing in, will bring driverless SUVs to the UK market, thanks to the IMx Kuro.

Nissan IMx Kuro Concept Interior

Brighter, Clear Driving Experience

As an SUV like never before, the concept IMx Kuro will have exquisite full-length OLED displays inside the interior of the vehicle. The brightly lit interior trims will replace the usual Nissan dashboard so that drivers can easily control the car with simple eye movements and hand gestures – so get ready to say ‘so-long’ to the days of fiddling with a control wheel!

Nissan IMx Kuro Concept Interior

New Look And Feel

This upcoming model will have a new appearance both in its interior and exterior. Most predominantly, drivers will notice the different feel inside the cabin due to the noticeably bigger space and flatter floor of the SUV. This increased space is thanks to the battery pack which takes up much less space than a conventional engine, unlike any other SUV you’ve seen.

Nissan IMx Kuro Concept

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Meta Text Due to be released in 2020, the Nissan IMx Kuro SUV was revealed this year as a concept autonomous SUV, fuelled purely on electric energy. Discover more on this brilliant new model online now!

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